The product photos shown on this site are representative of the paracord colors. Actual paracord colors may vary from the images shown for the following reasons:

  • Like any dyed textile product, the dye shades may vary from one production run to the next. 
  • The color of the cord will appear different in various lighting conditions (e.g. sunlight vs. fluorescent light).
  • Your individual monitor settings can cause the appearance of the color on the screen to differ from the actual photograph. 

Please note that there are several manufacturers of paracord and although many use the same color names, there may be differences in color formulas used by each manufacturer and/or slight variations in color from one production run to another even within the same manufacturer. Because these variables are beyond the control of any retailer or wholesaler, returns on cord due to color variations will be made at your shipping expense.

If you need exact color matches for a project, please purchase all the cord you will need at one time. We cannot guarantee colors will match perfectly in future purchases.